Dreamfall Chapters 'On The Back Burner'

Creator of the acclaimed The Longest Journey adventure series Ragnar Tornquist wrote on his blog that the episodic sequel Dreamfall Chapters may be low on developer Funcom's list of priorities, but is still in the works.

"Dreamfall Chapters—and, by proxy, The Longest Journey—isn't Funcom's highest priority at this point," wrote Tornquist. "With Age of Conan live, The Secret World staffing up in every department, and other games in various stages of development, the project is currently on the back burner—but it hasn't been abandoned."

Dreamfall Chapters would mark the third release in the Longest Journey series, which debuted on PCs in 2000. A sequel, Dreamfall: The Longest Journey (PC, Xbox) was released in 2006.

"There's stuff that needs to happen before we close the book on our characters and their collective fates," added Tornquist. "When will things move forward? I actually don't know... It'll be a while, but we're not going to ask you to wait forever."