No Additional Crysis Patches

by Maarten Goldstein, Jun 02, 2008 5:50am PDT
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In the company's most recent Crysis update post on the Crymod forums, Crytek has revealed it currently has no plans to further patch the sci-fi action game.The company understands that "this news will disappoint many of you", but notes, "we are confident that the things we are working on will be appreciated by the community". Additionally, development on the Linux dedicated server for the game has ceased.

Considering recent comments by Crytek's Cevat Yerli, this news doesn't come as a huge shock. Although the game has sold well, the company still believes piracy significantly impacted retail performance. Yerli also said at the time that the company would move away from PC-exclusive development.

In other Crysis news, inCrysis has discovered that Crysis Warzone has been trademarked by Crytek. Other recent trademark submissions include Crysis Wars, Crysis Warhead and World in Crysis. These names could indicate an expansion pack, or a sequel.


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  • Crysis was hyped so much before release, once I got my hands on it it's the most boring single player experience since ages. I had way more fun with Doom 3 and Quake 4 as I had with this game. If I remember correctly (been a long time since I played) the gameplay was cloak + run, wait, recharge, repeat with occasional power jumps to get to a location. It was a beautiful-to-the-eye game I have to admit, but that's it. It looked more as a graphics demonstration demo of nvidia or ati to me as an actuall game. There's more to gaming as looking at true to life pores on ones game characters face Crytek.

    I would expect the game to sell a lot more based on the hype, but obviously people are not so much interested in yet another generic FPS title as they have thousands of them already available. Finally the game runs crap on most todays systems, and as this isn't Quake or Half-Life, scaling it down has no point as then it's really just another FPS game with virtually no "bang".

  • Hrm... the more I see this kind of thing the more I think this game had alot of problems going in that helps justify a piracy excuse and others.

    I think its obvious that there were production problems with Crysis. We've all seen and read the issues with development of the story, the changes they made in the ending due to so many things (tech being one of them for certain).

    So combine the problem of a weak story (which both farcry and crysis have) and bring in even more horrific system specs for your average gamer. Most people won't buy the SLI rig to run this beast in full view.

    (Secretly I wonder to myself would iD or Epic have had those problems themselves with the technology limitations?)

    Now you have poor sales in the first few weeks from retailers, so retailers are pissed and start bitching at EA. EA puts a spin on it to try and get press coverage and all the gamers who buy product look at this and go "huh, its sold alot, but none of my friends have it and none of my PC's will run it."

    Next step after this is due to the lack of real interest from the game buying public, the game falls to pirates and I'm betting that alot of this segment would not have purchased the game anyways.

    After this, Crytek announces no more concentration PC games and thus alienates its fanbase.

    Finally we come to this story. This has been a PR nightmare. Let alone the technological one. Its obvious there were production issues of some kind for them to make the drastic story changes that they did, however it would seem that the business side attempted to clean up some of the problems and spin it differently, which didn't work. So for some stupid reason the head of Crytek intimates to his fanbase that they are no longer going to be supporting them, and then today we get this update.

    Poorly handled on all fronts I suspect. And this is just an opinion of the news stories I've read on the shack. I'm sure I could trawl through them and link them, but to what end? Unfortunately this developer had a bad experience with the PC world and as such they will have to make due in other retail spaces.