Company to Produce Wearable Gears of War Armor, Weapon Replicas

BOOM widget 117854It was announced today that TriForce Sales has acquired the license from Epic Games to produce Gears of War 1:1 scale armor and weapon replicas.

Among the offerings are full-size and wearable C.O.G. armor, a C.O.G. helmet and the Lancer Assault Rifle, based on images of the designs from the game. The replica armor and weapons were created in a partnership with sculptor Sid Garrand of Nightmare Armor Studios.

"In my spare time I sculpted a full set of armor for myself, which I enjoyed showing off at conventions," Garrand said. "When the fans saw it they all asked me how they could get it. I was thrilled when the team from Epic saw it, and liked it, which allowed us to move to the point to where we are today. It all truly began as a labor of love."

No price information was divulged by either company, though TriForce notes that fans will be able to place advance orders online beginning July 8. Click through for a video from the company detailing the creation of the C.O.G. suit. BOOM widget 117854