Age of Conan Surpasses 400K Players, Reportedly 'One of the Fastest Selling PC Games' Ever

By Chris Faylor, May 27, 2008 8:26am PDT

Developer Funcom has announced that its subscription-based PC MMO Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures has accumulated more than 400,000 players since it launched on May 20, with "almost half" of those players located in North America.

According to the company, these figures make the gore and nudity-filled title "one of the fastest selling PC games of all time." At present, the only way to enter the world of Hyboria is to purchase the retail box. Each copy of the game comes with a 7-day guest pass, though the codes are not yet available.

"The initial sales and reviews are very encouraging, and it's great to see that so many are enjoying Age of Conan," Funcom CEO Trond Arne Aas said with a grin. "This is just the beginning, and we already look forward to massive updates and cool new features."

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  • It's always nice to compare the new to the tried and true, but I have to say that I'm incredibly impressed with how AoC handles game play mechanics over every other MMO I've played. The way that you actually engage in combat (including not having to target, being able to hit multiple foes with a weapon swing, dodging and blocking, combos, etc) makes the game play a lot deeper than most target-click-dead MMOs that are out there. I'm sure these aren't unique to AoC, but I haven't seen a game to this scale with that level of action-oriented game play.

    The game definitely has its run-of-the-mill mechanics, and there are some things that made me wish I had my WoW hud. I miss LFG and trade channels, a meaningful social pane (that SEPARATES guildies from friends), and more. I am looking forward to seeing how the economy goes now that they fixed traders and bankers.

    There are a number of things that need fixing in the game, for sure, but they're getting there, and pretty damn quickly. While it would have been nice to have an bug-free, feature-filled game at launch, that has NEVER happened with an MMO, but AoC has done a very nice job with handling the launch, IMO.

  • Would be interesting if they had set out with the goal of creating quests with more than one option for completion. Of course, with the massive amount of quests in the game you couldn't do this with all of them, and it would be annoying if you did. However, if about 25 to 40 percent of the quests had two different ways you could complete them with differing quest rewards according to what option you chose, that would make the quest system a little more interesting and, in my mind, a little more "next-gen". As it is now, I feel as though I am playing EQ II again but with better combat.

    I did read someone post a little while ago (can't remember if it was the AoC forums or here) that they were disappointed you didn't have the option to side with Strom and the Red Hand. These are the kind of quest opportunities I'm talking about because they involve multiple factions and could potentially have had multiple options for completion. To be fair, multiple quest options are getting into the realm of single-player RPG, and that may have ended up being bad for the whole game.