Alone in the Dark to Feature DVD-style Presentation; Skippable Chapters, 'Previously On' Cinematics

By Nick Breckon, May 22, 2008 5:40pm PDT Atari's horror reboot Alone in the Dark will feature a DVD-style chapter menu, which will allow players to rewind or fast-forward through the game, according to GameShark.

If a player is having a hard time with a particular sequence of the puzzle-riddled game, they can skip past it via the chapter select menu, moving on to complete another section. All of the "episodes" must eventually be completed to unlock the ending.

The preview also notes that when players return to their saved game, a "Previously on Alone in the Dark" cinematic will play, showing gameplay and story moments from past sessions.

Alone in the Dark is due out on June 24 for PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, and Wii. A PlayStation 3 release is expected to follow later on in the year.

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  • Finally someone is doing this!
    One of the things that strikes me often when talking to people about books or movie is how often many of them will do it in several parts and or/skip forward/backward.. Whenever I watch a movie I do it in a single session. But many people do it over several sessions. They'll watch the first part one day and the following part the next day or even later. And most of the time they'll have forgotten some of what happenend before so they'll quickly skip through the whole thing before continuing.. Same thing for books (probably even truer).
    Seing how games are usually longer than books or movies it only makes sense that something like this happened sooner or later.
    I know I often replay games right from the start just to enjoy a particular sequence again, a special boss fight, a cinematic etc.. Because most of the time you have no other choice than to start from the beginning again... I can't wait till all games have DVD-like chapter systems or evolved 'replay' features. Sports games have been hintting at this for years, it's time story-driven games jump in the bandwagon.