PC, Xbox 360 Developer: DX10 Possible on Consoles

Many of the graphical effects exclusive to Microsoft's Direct X10 API can be achieved outside of DirectX 10 "if you give it enough time and resources," Massive development VP Petter Sydow told VideoGamer.

Within the PC edition of its RTS World in Conflict, Massive made use of some Vista-only DX10 features for additional graphical polish.

Now that the company is helping Swordfish Studios to port the title to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3--neither of which support DirectX 10--Sydow says that at least some of those DX10 effects will appear in the console editions that are due out this fall. nope

"At this point we've managed to replicate some of the [DX10] effects, but I don't know what features will make it into the final release," he noted. "We'll keep on working on them and see what happens."