E3 2008 Exhibitors Roster Released

The Eletronic Software Association has released an updated list of exhibitors scheduled to appear at this year's E3 Media and Business Summit.

The list, which includes such publishers and developers as Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, and numerous others. The lineup also reflects the recently announced pullout of Activision and Vivendi from the ESA, a group dedicated to the business and public affairs needs of game developers and publishers.

Accordingly, the companies will not be exhibiting products at this year's summit. In addition to Activision and Vivendi, studios id Software, NCSoft, Codemasters, and Her Entertainment have also announced that they will pass on the conference.

As previously reported, LucasArts will indeed have a showing at this year's E3, despite the company's withdrawal as a member of the ESA last week.

A full run-down of the exhibitors presenting at E3 2008 can be found here.