Gothic 4 Slapped with New Name

by Aaron Linde, May 19, 2008 1:00pm PDT
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The latest installment in the Gothic series has received an updated name and is now known as Arcania: A Gothic Tale (PC, PS3, X360), GameSpot reports.

Handled this time around by Spellbound Entertainment instead of series creator Piranha Bytes, Arcania's change of name is meant to grant the Gothic franchise a fresh start in North America, where it had been comparatively unpopular than in other territories.

Additionally, the latest build of the title reveals that the North American and European versions of the title will feature different color palettes featuring bright and colorful graphics and gritty muted colors, respectively. The alternate color palettes are the result of months of research between gaming preferences in either territory.


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  • Thank you, American video games industry. Thank you at last for seeing sense. Your institutional doom and gloom - one could almost say 'Gothic' aha! - have been terrible influences on our children. When, God forbid, violent tragedy next strikes at our schools, we shall know that Spellbound Entertainment at least tried to stem the flow of filth and horror.

    I'm a little anxious that "Arcania", "gothic" and your company name all have unwholesome imagery but one cannot expect a sick, horrific industry to entirely transform itself overnight. Again, thank you.