More MS Rumors: Ninja Blade, Lips and Scene It? 2

BOOM widget 117592Though Microsoft's Spring Showcase event doesn't take place until tomorrow, more supposed details have emerged to accompany the already-leaked media and rumors of a motion-sensitive Xbox 360 controller.

Tomorrow's announcements apparently include a sequel to the Xbox 360 movie-trivia title Scene It?, a game called Ninja Blade, and something known only as Lips. That is, according to listings that supposedly popped up on a Microsoft's press site and were captured by NeoGAF.

Apart from the product names, no other details are available. Some believe that Lips could be a voice-controlled game or a voice-related accessory, though it is all just idle speculation at this point.

The listings also suggest that the Viva Pinata sequel that unofficially debuted this morning will be known as Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise.

Check back with Shacknews tomorrow morning for the full scoop on Microsoft's Spring Showcase and its many titles, including Banjo Kazooie (X360).