Rumor: Wii-like X360 Remote Goes Public Tuesday

Microsoft's rumored Wii Remote-esque Xbox 360 controller could be unveiled Tuesday morning, according to the lastest round of rumors. Reportedly code-named Newton, the motion-sensitive device is said to have four face buttons, an analog stick, a speaker and a microphone.

Keeping in line with previous murmurs that Microsoft subsidiary Rare was playing a key part in the device's development, Kotaku claims that the device and its integration into Rare's Xbox 360 platformer Banjo Kazooie could be demonstrated at an event next Tuesday.

Further evidence that Microsoft will make some type announcement comes from the unusual timing of the event's press embargo, as Microsoft will be allowing coverage before any media is allowed to enter the showcase.

Check back next week for more information, as Shacknews will be attending the Microsoft Spring Showcase and will provide full details on Banjo Kazooie and any other titles shown or announced at the event.