Next Call of Duty Due This Year on PC, Consoles; Takes Place in 'New Military Theater'

By Chris Faylor, May 09, 2008 7:17am PDT The next entry in the Activision-owned wartime shooting franchise Call of Duty will take place in a "new military theater," according to Activision Publishing CEO and president Mike Griffith.

Speaking during a conference call yesterday, Griffith said that the unnamed sequel, which many unofficially refer to as Call of Duty 5, will arrive on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, and Nintendo DS later this year.

The CEO did not elaborate further on the game's setting. His comments suggest that, contrary to past reports, the title may not return to the World War II setting featured in the first three Call of Duty titles.

As pointed out by Gamasutra, no details were provided as to which studio is developing the game. Job listings have indicated that Call of Duty 3 developer Treyarch may be returning to the franchise, with speculation that series creator and Call of Duty 4 developer Infinity Ward is already working on Call of Duty 6.

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  • Hopefully they (IW) keep a closer eye on Trey. so they don't produce a pos like CoD3 was. As for the "theatre" it could be anywhere, anytime and I wouldn't care. As long as it keeps the feel of CoD. I still play CoD2 and I really enjoy the WWII genre of FPS games. Unlike others, I haven't grown tired of WWII, it's one of my favourite FPS themes and as long as it's done well, it shouldn't bring on the "omg another wwII game..ugh" comments.

    I'd love to see a WWI shooter done by someone but one night I was stoned with a friend of mine and we tried to contemplate how a WW I shooter would work, to be fun to play a bunch of allies and germans both in muddy trenches/ditches, both shooting at eachother across a battlefield with crappy weapons. Instant death the moment you pop your head out . One or 2 mg's spraying the battle area while Snoopy and the Red Baron battle it out overhead. Both sides remain in their trenches...zzzz.....snore..Told ya I was stoned.