F1 Racing Goes Multiplatform Care Codemasters

Codemasters has announced that it has secured a license to create Formula One racing games, after Sony recently opted not to renew its deal. With the new license, Codemasters plans to develop a new F1 game franchise for multiple platforms including PC, with the first title expected in 2009. The deal is a multi-year one, Codemasters confirmed to Shacknews.

News that Codemasters has picked up the license does not come as much of a surprise, considering the company's considerable racing game expertise (Colin McRae Rally series, TOCA Touring Car series, the upcoming Race Driver: GRID), its recent acquisition of Sega Racing Studio, and the fact that the company's headquarters are in Europe, where the sport is much more popular than in North America.

"Codemasters' success and recent innovations in the racing game space makes the company more than appropriately tuned for the challenge," said Codemasters chairman Chris Deering, adding, "The combination of Formula 1's new momentum of expansion and Codemasters' contemporary technology and past experience is the breaking of a new dawn for the sport, on the track and on the HD game screen."