Morning Discussion

Howdy everyone, hope everyone is having a decent week. So how about a clean slate for all our discussion of gaming and more. So, we're going to take entries for the R-Type Command Contest a couple days longer, because among other things to note that Atlus is also tossing in a R-Type fighter miniature that's pretty keen. All you have to do is write a funny and/or accurate review, from the perspective of any gaming character. Let's say till Wednesday night.

In other news, Blizzard opened their Steam-like store, so it should be interesting to see how far they go dipping their toes in those online distribution waters. And there were more rumors and denials of a Blu-Ray supporting Xbox 360 yesterday. I'm willing to believe that Microsoft doesn't have one being worked on, but perhaps the veracity of said rumors says something about the desire for it's existence?

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