StarCraft 2 Screen Shows Baneling Evolution Theory

BOOM widget 117485 Blizzard today released another StarCraft II screenshot, showing off a larger, slower version of the new Zerg Baneling unit.

The Baneling (bottom right in image) is an evolved Zergling, which rolls along the ground until it arrives at a target. It specializes in attacking buildings en masse, a kind of land-based version of the flying Scourge.

Click on through for the new Baneling unit details.


  • 190 damage per Baneling (40+150 to building)
  • Increased splash range (100% damage taken throughout range)
  • Can be well positioned to hit multiple buildings
  • Larger & Movement Speed Slower (possible to defend with focus fire)
  • Counters Zealots, Zerglings, base Marines (not upgraded) -More Narrow window of use


  • Fast and small- Unable to defend against (focus fire)
  • Countered virtually all ground units