Twist Again in Rubik's World

Ever miss those innocent childhood hours spent solving a simple Rubik's Cube? Yeah, me neither.

Luckily for us, developer Two Tribes' upcoming Rubik's World (Wii, DS) is about solving puzzles inside of a Rubik's Cube, not solving the cube itself.

Publisher Game Factory describes the title as "a collection of extremely addictive, easy-to-play puzzle games [that] will increase in difficulty as the player delves deeper into [the] 3D world."

Further digging in a Level Up feature reveals that the game will have players using the famous cubes to construct objects and brighten the world of Rubik's World. Soundtrack creation will also be featured, though the method of musical composition was not mentioned.

Look for Rubik's World to hit the Wii and Nintendo DS this fall.

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