Contest: Write Our R-Type Command Review


Update: We're going to extend the contest, say till a Wednesday 11:59PM CST close. We're also going to toss in the figurine otherwise available only to preorders.

With such a quiet week for news outside of GTA 4 shenanigans, we thought it would be a good time for another Shacknews contest.

Atlus is soon bringing us R-Type Command on PSP, in which the long running shooter series takes a turn to a strategic, turn-based format for the first time. But despite the franchise's lineage, sometimes these offshoots never get the attention they may well deserve. We thought we would offer our great community the chance to fix that.


At first we were going to ask you to write a simple review, but we're adding a slight twist. The PlayStation Network offers a demo of the game, and we still want you to critique it--but from the perspective of a video game character.

Give it at least two paragraphs, posted in reply to this article. The Shack staff will pick their favorite three to win a copy of R-Type Command for PSP. We'll take submissions until Sunday night at 11:59 CST, and I'll post the results the next day.

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