PS3 Users Experience GTA 4 Online Woes

Following yesterday's launch of Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3, X360), the Shacknews staff and many are finding it difficult to play the online multiplayer of the PlayStation 3 version.

Following reports from many readers that PS3 multiplayer access was sporadic, Shacknews attempted to play online and was presented with an error message that read "Cannot connect to game provider." nope

Shacknews can confirm that the PS3 edition was playable online in the hours following the game's midnight launch. It is believed that the servers are struggling due to high demand, similar to the problems that afflicted Xbox Live this past winter.

In Shacknews' experience, the connectivity difficulties do not affect the Xbox 360 iteration, which continues to have a functioning multiplayer component. As with the freezing issues that surfaced yesterday, developer and publisher Rockstar has yet to make any official comment.