Crysis Developer Moving Away from PC Exclusives; Cites Piracy as 'Core Problem of PC Gaming'

By Chris Faylor, Apr 30, 2008 7:32am PDT Crysis and Far Cry creator Crytek has revealed its intent to focus more on consoles and move away from creating PC-exclusive titles due to the "huge piracy" problems of the platform.

"We are going to support PC, but not exclusive anymore," Crytek president Cevat Yerli told PC Play. "Similar games [to Crysis] on consoles sell factors of 4-5 more. It was a big lesson for us and I believe we won't have PC exclusives as we did with Crysis in future."

The studio had previously revealed it was working on at least one console title and a non-FPS game along with the still-underway efforts to bring its CryENGINE 2 technology to consoles.

The Crytek president noted that piracy had significantly hurt the retail performance of Crysis, the company's CryENGINE 2-powered PC-exclusive sci-fi shooter that arrived last fall and went on to sell over a million copies worldwide.

"We are suffering currently from the huge piracy that is encompassing Crysis," he continued. "We seem to lead the charts in piracy by a large margin, a chart leading that is not desirable."

Yerli went on to state his belief that piracy is "the core problem of PC the degree that pirate games inherently destroy the platform." His comments are similar in tone to those made by many other PC developers, including id, Epic and Infinity Ward.

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  • It comes down to this. Microsoft needs to re-think how games are played on the PC and make them just as hard to pirate as on a Console. If not PC gaming will become a second rate gaming platform. I guess Microsoft does not care that much since they have the 360 as the bread and butter for gaming. Infact I think the Hardware companys have the most to lose out of anyone if PC gaming go's under and I see more proof in the pudding everyday.

    Seems like Valve is about the only company left supporting PC gaming as a primary and consoles sec. Why? They have a much better way to fight piracy using Steam. On that subject, why did EA and Crytek make it so easy to pirate the game? COD4, same thing, hell Assassins Creed was out and pirated before the game was even released, lol. Is it that these companys are stupid or don't care since they already made the money from kickbacks from Nvidia and other hardware companys. Had they all used Steam, piracy probably would have been cut right in half.

    I think PC gaming is going to go all mainstream for gaming and the real good hardcore stuff that we PC gamers have enjoyed in the past will go to the next gen X-Box (720 or what ever). I really don't see my self upgrading my PC again for gaming as the future game releases look no better than the 360s, nor do any of them need more than a 8800GTX and Intel Core2@3.5ghz to run. If things do not change myself and many others will get the next microsoft console over upgrading the PC. Why? Cuz thats what we will need to enjoy all the great games.

    Why don't hardware companys (Microsoft included) pay software companys to make great games exclusive to the PC with cutting edge software to run on THEIR cutting edge hardware? Then charge nothing for the game as it will also include some ads wile loading stages and maps ect... Now it would be ALOT harder to pirate hardware than it is to pirate software. Agreed?