EA Reveals Online RTS/TCG BattleForge

Publisher Electronic Arts today announced BattleForge, an online PC real-time strategy game that has players assembling their forces through virtual trading cards.

Developed by SpellForce and Siedler creator EA Phenomic, the fantasy-based game is slated to arrive this fall. As with other online trading card titles, players will be able to win and trade cards, as well as buy new cards through micro-transactions.

The company was quick to point out that the retail release of BattleForge will include the "complete game," and that microtransactions will not be required to play the game.

"BattleForge is the next step in compelling RTS gameplay by taking the battles completely online," boasted executive producer Richard Leinfellner.

"With co-op play, challenging tournaments, Guilds, chat rooms and a robust marketplace for trading and buying your cards," he continued, "BattleForge is the first RTS to add integral social and community components to an exciting fantasy RTS."