EA Creative Chief William 'Bing' Gordon Departs

By Aaron Linde, Apr 28, 2008 3:35pm PDT
Electronic Arts chief creative officer William "Bing" Gordon (pictured left) will leave the company to work at venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers this coming June.

Gordon's departure ends a 25-year run at the company, which he co-founded in 1982. He will join the Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers firm as a partner, lending his expertise to entrepreneurs in consumer technologies.

"I've known the leading partners at Kleiner since John Doerr and Brook Byers made a founding investment in Electronic Arts in '82," Gordon told Newsweek. "Then Brook went on the board...[he] deeply believes in entertainment and entrepreneurial possibilities. So he shaped my thinking about what a board member can be."

Gordon added the firm's commitment to fresh ideas in the digital realm as impetus for signing on with Kleiner. "[They] find entrepreneurs and ideas in all things digital. There's three companies they've invested in with people I used to work with, none of whom are doing games. They're all doing other things in digital media that are wildly cool."

"My personal tastes have changed," Gordon added. "So if I can have dinner with John Doerr and Al Gore versus some people trying to make the next console game, I'm finding their grown-up, global thinking just more fun. As much as anything else, after 25 years at EA, I'm ready to be a forty-year old."

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  • He comes across as a successful idiot TBH, like he stayed there so long they just had to promote him so stuck him in as Creative Director because he plays games and can't do much harm there.

    I saw him present to a bunch of wannabe developer students once and it was pretty much a waste of time, no useful advice at all, more like pointless "life lessons" with the odd joke.

    One of the developers I spoke to who was "Binged" (i.e. he came to the studio to advise on how to improve the game) said he pretty much suggested bigger explosions and that's it. I really don't see how he was placed to tell developers how to make games when he's never worked in a studio. That's called "An opinion on par with the average forum poster".

    The giveaway will be when they don't bother replacing him.