Morning Discussion

It's once again time to rev up the mighty Shacknews engine for the day. Saw some people asking for it in the chatty yesterday, so make sure to take note of a new Replay Couch thanks to Nick, where our robot overlords even take control of making music. Plus, we've got a bit of contest, if you would be interested in winning a copy of Grand Theft Auto 4 for PS3, we'd like you know your best plan for a work-free GTA day.

I neglected to mention this the other day, but Valve challenged the Shacknews community to another battle in Team Fortress 2 for the PC, and well, the results were terrible. They were catastrophic. They were apocalyptic. Yes, that's right, Team Valve fell to Shackers in nine out of nine rounds. I'm not fantastic at math, but I'm pretty sure that means Valve won zero times. The apprentice is now the master, Gabe-wan Kenobi. It's alright, we're a dedicated bunch.