Gamer Gets Off Work to Visit Liberty City

By Nick Breckon, Apr 24, 2008 12:48am PDT With the Tuesday release of Grand Theft Auto IV looming, video gamers are already coming up with creative ways to ditch their day jobs for an impromptu vacation in Rockstar's Liberty City.

One Shacknews community member took the challenge quite literally, asking his employer for time off with this rather blunt excuse: "Spending a couple days in Liberty City with my cousin Niko Bellic."

As seen in the company books (left), the unwitting--or perhaps understanding--employer approved the virtual vacation in an instant, freeing paroxym up for a day of casual cruising and random violence.

Is your employer as forgiving, or will you be taking more extreme measures to avoid a long day at the office? Share your most creative excuse--or most improbable plan--to escape work on Tuesday in the comments below.

Picture, text, song--all are viable mediums to illustrate your future slacking. We'll choose our favorite answer, the winner receiving a PlayStation 3 copy of Grand Theft Auto IV.

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  • my story will go a little something like this...
    I will not show up for my classes after it comes out and i will not goto work until next week and when i am questioned as to why i neglected to show up to any of my responsibilities for the week after GTA4 came out i will spout this beautiful load of crap!
    WELLL SINCE YOU ASKED i was walking to starbucks, and as i was daydreaming about new ways to increase my productivity in class and at work, i slipped on a wii-mote and fell into a gutter filled with garbage water in font of the starbucks. Unfortunately as i was standing up i happened to glance inside the strabucks to see some prick on his macbook air being rickrolled and by the transfer of rickrolling physics i was then rickrolled causing me to again loose my footing and fall into the street where i was subsequently hit by a stolen gamestop truck and was sent to the local hospital where i having been nursing my wounds waiting to get back to work.
    and thats how i will get out of work and class.
    pic @