Eidos Parent SCi Confirms Investment Rumors

Eidos parent company SCi Entertainment Group confirmed reports that it is actively considering an "open offer" for investment in the company.

The struggling UK-based SCi was rumored to be in talks with NBC Universal for a $100M investment in the company, aimed at salving financial troubles which prompted Eidos parent to axe 25% of its workforce and cancel 14 upcoming projects.

SCi failed to name interested parties in its confirmation. Should the reports of NBC Universal's investment hold true, the media conglomerate would become the majority shareholder in SCi.

The group had previously entertained buyout offers from companies such as Midway, but cut talks short earlier this year. In lieu of a corporate bail-out, the company had shifted the release dates four marquee titles—including Crystal Dynamics' Tomb Raider: Underworld—into the fourth quarter in the hopes of boosting holiday sales.