Lumines Drops Onto Steam

Valve announced today that Q Entertainment's acclaimed music-based puzzler Lumines is now available for purchase on Steam, Valve's digital distribution platform.

Created by designer Tetsuya Mizuguchi, Lumines features block-dropping puzzle gameplay in which music plays a key role, similar to other Mizuguchi-developed titles Rez and Every Extend Extra. The game originally appeared in 2005 as a launch title for Sony's PSP, and later as a downloadable game for the Xbox 360 and PC.

Similar to the game's Xbox 360 incarnation, Lumines can be purchased as a standalone Base Pack—which includes a challenge mode with 21 unlockable skins and a skin edit mode—and upgraded with the Advance Pack, which adds 21 challenge mode skins, Puzzle Mode and Mission Mode.

Both the Base Pack and Advance Pack are available now on Steam for $9.95 and $7.95, respectively. Players who buy the games before April 25 will receive a 10% discount off their purchase.