No Gears of War 2 Demo Planned

Epic Games has confirmed to Shacknews that it is not planning to release a demo of the cover-heavy action title Gears of War 2 (X360) demo in advance of the title's November launch.

"[There are] no plans for a demo," associate producer Tanya Jessen told Shacknews. "The reason being that it's been such a fast turnaround. A two year production cycle, for a game of this caliber, is really short."

The lack of a demo continues the tradition Epic set forth with the original Gears of War, which debuted on Xbox 360 in November 2006. While many fans lamented their inability to get an advance look at the game, it still went on to sell over three million copies in its first ten weeks on store shelves. A PC edition followed in November 2007.

"Our focus is always on putting out the best possible game we can," she continued. "Whenever you do a demo, you have to basically ship a whole separate product. As far as our plans after we ship, I can't really speak to that."