UT3 Hiting X360 with New Content, No Mod Support

Developer Epic Games has confirmed that the Xbox 360 edition of Unreal Tournament 3 will arrive this summer with exclusive content, though it will lack the support for user-created mods found in other iterations. nope

"Quite simply, we aren't doing [mods] for the Xbox 360 version," associate producer Tanya Jessen informed Shacknews. "Xbox is a closed platform. That's the big reason we're not doing it on 360."

That exclusive content encompasses five new maps and two new characters, with Jessen claiming that there are no plans to release that content for the previously released PC and PlayStation 3 editions.

Though Epic VP Mark Rein had previously indicated that Epic might release some mods on the Xbox Live Marketplace, Jessen indicated that nothing has been decided at this point.

"Microsoft, as far as I know, is very interested in the potential of the mod community," she said. "It is a possibility, always, but it would require some upfront process and things set up by Microsoft for how they would do it. They're very concerned about the security of the hardware."

Other additions to the Xbox 360 edition include split-screen co-op play and the downloadable maps previously released for the PlayStation 3 and PC iterations.