Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Revealed

Activision announced that the legendary comic hero Spider-Man is set to return in Spider-Man: Web of Shadows (PC, PS2, PS3, X360, Wii, NDS, PSP), developed by Shaba Games and Treyarch.

According to IGN, Web of Shadows will see Spider-Man's return to a free-roaming, open-ended New York that combines web slinging with customizable powers, with an emphasis on vertical combat as well as traditional ground-based assaults on foes.

Moreover, publisher Activision says that the new title will allow gamers choose how they want to play—take up the mantle of the hero, complete missions and protect the innocent, or ignore them and be an anti-hero. Scores of Marvel heroes and villains will appear in the title, offering players the choice of switching sides whenever they want.

Screenshots and a teaser trailer will be available tomorrow morning.