Evening Reading

By Steve Gibson, Apr 16, 2008 4:59pm PDT

Well, by some miracle we actually bumped over to new hardware here without any

interruption in service. I'm not sure how that happened. So uh... if you are seeing this

website, great!

As for the the videogame news around these parts for today:

Lastly, if you happen to use wacky domains to get by your work filters, I'm going to

let websense.shacknews.com continue to work since that is generally the most common filter

crapping on us.

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  • Remember that odd problem that a handful of people were having with the witcher?

    Did anyone find a fix for that ? I uninstalled the witcher weeks ago and i REALLY wanted to play it.

    Im talking about the bug where it loads the first scene of the game and you fight for like 10 seconds then it goes to the FIRST cut scene in the game and "freezes" its not a true freeze but the cut scene looks at this dude and the dude doesn't talk, and it sits there endlessly...

    Maybe SP1 for vista fixed it, Bioshock didn't work for me either, wouldn't launch (both retail copies and im running Vista on a pretty powerful machine (8800gts 2gigram AMD x2 5000)