EVE Online Source Code Reportedly Stolen; Developer Claims Subscriber Information Is Safe

By Chris Faylor, Apr 15, 2008 9:24am PDT The reported decompiling of the source code for spaceship MMO EVE Online (PC) will have no effect whatsoever on the game's subscribers, according to developer CCP.

A file purported to contain the game's source code began appearing on torrent sites earlier this week, with popular tech website Slashdot calling attention to the reports.

The supposed leak joins other high-profile data thefts, including that of Valve's Half-Life 2 and NCSoft's Lineage III. The source code for Flaghip's Hellgate: London was rumored to have been stolen as well.

"CCP is aware that an individual claims to have access to the source code of the EVE client," stated CCP. "Access to the source code for the EVE client exposes no security vulnerabilities, has no privacy protection issues, and poses no threat to our customers' billing information.

"The Python scripting language that is used by the client can be easily decompiled to generate readable code, and we have designed our server-side systems with that understanding.

"Nothing the EVE client can do can affect the game state, no advantage can be gained by manipulating the EVE client, no advantageous or disadvantageous information can be transmitted to other EVE users by altering the EVE client," CCP continued.

"The server-side interface used by the client is carefully protected to ensure that no abusive or unwanted information is transmitted to, or from the internal EVE server systems."

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  • Actually, I could see a lot of ways in which a hacked EVE client could be useful. Stuff like:

    -Gathering accurate market data from across regions
    -Creating client side bots to mine/rat
    -Continuosly scanning and adding this information to the overview to give players much improved situational awareness
    -Creating macros for doing some of the stuff that requires more precise timing, like getting through gate camps
    -Automatically turning off overloaded items before they die

    .... etc not to mention all the things that I'm sure CCP hasn't thought of. That said, their game is patched pretty frequently so I think it would be challenging for someone to keep a hacked client working