Telltale Readies Strong Bad Game for PC, WiiWare

Telltale Games is developing a series of downloadable episodic games based on the long-running Homestar Runner internet toon for PC and Nintendo's WiiWare platform, the studio announced today.

Entitled Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, the game is a point-and-click adventure title crafted around the cartoon's trademark art and humor style, featuring a variety of dialogue-based puzzles and extensive character interaction. The five-episode series is expected to launch this June, with episodes releasing on a monthly schedule.

The game is developed by Telltale in collaboration with Homestar Runner creators Matt and Mike Chapman, and includes full voice acting from the animation's original cast.

"Homestarrunner.com is one of the biggest success stories in online entertainment," said Telltale CEO Dan Connors. "The Chapmans have been treating the Internet to episodic content for years. We're thrilled to have teamed up with them to take episodic gaming to the next level via Nintendo's innovative WiiWare delivery system."