Report: X360 Remote Coming, Code-named 'Newton'

by Aaron Linde, Apr 09, 2008 11:15am PDT
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A Wii-like remote is indeed in development for the Xbox 360, according to 8Bit JoyStick, which cites internal sources at Microsoft.

The remote is said to be in development under the code name "Newton," and could be ready for market as early as the end of this year. The report claims that while the hardware is still in the prototype phase, software developer kits and prototype remote units have been distributed.

The report cites rumors that Microsoft had licensed motion-sensing patents from Gyration, which aided in the development of the Wii remote, as further evidence of Newton's development.

Speculation of an Xbox remote was kick-started by a report from MTV News which claimed that Microsoft had been working on the device since last summer, citing an unnamed developer.

Though rumors have been circulating around the internet at a blistering pace, 8Bit Joystick had previously broken the news of Bungie's split with Microsoft, lending a fair amount of credence to the site's "internal sources."


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  • 2009 may end up belonging to the 360. If next year sees both a solid pack of both hardcore games as well as a new rush of casual games, we may see the tide turning towards the Xbox again.

    My guess is MS will try to push a new image for the 360 at Christmas time and try to be the console king for Christmas. The Xbox has the potential to do so much more then the Wii could with a waggle controller, and I personally would love to see new solid party games.

    Three reasons why the Xbox would frikkin own with a waggle controller
    1) Graphically it has so much more potential then the Wii.
    2) Online party games are something no one has really tapped into, and Xbox has MUCH more potential to own that arena.
    3)Resident Evil 5 with a waggle.

    If Xbox does come out with a solid waggle, and solid games, it would considerably lengthen its shelf-life. We may not see a 720 for a few more years yet.