SCEA Denies Axing PS2, PSP Online Servers (Updated)

Update: A listing on Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's website confirms that the online functionality for 14 titles listed in previous reports will be shut down in European territories. No such announcement has yet been made for North America.

Original Story: Contradicting reports that are currently circulating around the web, Sony Computer Entertainment America tells Shacknews it has made no announcements regarding the shutdown of online functionality for multiple PlayStation 2 and PSP titles.

Last Friday, dbTechno reported that SCEA would be shutting down servers for a number of online PSP and PS2 titles, including Jak X (PS2), Amplitude (PS2) and Lemmings (PSP).

Despite claims that the announcement came from SCEA, the list included international naming conventions, such as Everybody's Golf rather than Hot Shots Golf, and at least one title that was not released in North America.

"SCEA has made no announcements about shutting down the servers, so I'm not sure where this website got that info," an SCEA representative told Shacknews today. "Based on some of the game names it sounds like it is from another territory."

However, SCEA did note that older Sony-supported online games will eventually be shut down. In the past year, Capcom pulled online support for Resident Evil: Outbreak (PS2) and Monster Hunter (PS2) and Konami axed the online component of Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence (PS2).

"It does stand to reason that eventually servers for older titles may be shut down due to lack of participation in those titles as more and more gamers are switching to PS3 and newer content," the representative concluded.