Ikaruga Arrives on XBLA Wednesday

Microsoft has revealed that Treasure's long-awaited Xbox 360 port of its top-down arcade shooter Ikaruga will finally debut on the console's online marketplace this Wednesday, April 9. nope

Priced at 800 Microsoft Points ($10), the notoriously difficult shooter has one or two players fighting against legions of black and white-colored foes, with the ability to swap between the two colors. Players can absorb bullets of the same color as their ship and dole out extra damage to enemy craft of the opposite color.

The Xbox Live Arcade rendition sports a number of new features, including online co-op play, worldwide leaderboards and the ability to share gameplay movies.

Developed as spiritual sequel to Treasure's equally-infamous shooter Radiant Silvergun (ARC, SAT), Ikaruga previously received arcade, GameCube and Dreamcast releases, though the GameCube verion was formerly the only one to make it to North America.