NCsoft Reveals City of Heroes In-game Ad Deal

MMO developer NCsoft today announced a new partnership with Double Fusion to supply in-game advertising for City of Heroes, releasing several images of the game world before and after ad integration.

The companies say that the real world ads will lend a sense of realism to the super-powered world of City of Heroes, with players able to opt out of the advertising if they so choose. Additionally, NCsoft plans to make use of the technology to display player-created content within the game. nope

"We are pleased to work with Double Fusion on City of Heroes," said NCsoft general manager Brian Clayton. "[T]hey have demonstrated sensitivity to the needs of our community and fundamentally understand how advertising can bring value to the players when executed gracefully, and in the appropriate context."

NCsoft acquired complete ownership of City of Heroes last year from original developer Cryptic Studios.

Double Fusion recently signed a similar deal with developer Gearbox Software, which plans to use Double Fusion's technology to bring in-game advertising to an undisclosed roster of upcoming titles.