Battlefield Heroes to Release with Two Maps

EA DICE's free multiplayer effort Battlefield Heroes (PC) will initially launch with two maps when it arrives this summer, senior producer Ben Cousins has revealed.

Launched from Battlefield-Heroes.com, the title will be supported by website advertising and micro-transaction revenue.

"We're launching with an infantry-focused map, and a vehicle-focused map," he explained to Gamasutra. Earlier this year, Cousins described the sole gameplay mode of the class-based shooter as a mixture of Capture the Flag and Team Deathmatch. nope

Despite the low number of initial maps, Cousins noted that DICE will be continually developing and expanding on the game based on player feedback.

"It's down to the community to define what type of game this is," he continued. "If they want to play the infantry-focused map then we will continue to make infantry-focused maps. And, similarly, if they think of this as a vehicle-based game, then we'll make the maps which reinforce that feel."

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