WiiWare DLC Pricing Detailed in My Life as a King

Square Enix's initial WiiWare offering Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King has been updated in Japan with downloadable content, shedding some light on the platform's microtransaction structure.

The updated version of My Life as a King includes an in-game downloadable content store, which allows players to browse and purchase a variety of additions to the title.

Among the content are three new playable races for 800 Wii Points ($8), accompanied by three houses that produce quests for the new races at 300 Wii Points ($3) a piece. New outfits can be purchased for the king and his assistant at 100 Wii Points ($1).

Game|Life notes that the total cost of My Life as a King's array of downloadable content comes in at $13—just two dollars shy of the title's going rate of 1500 Wii Points ($15).

In addition to Square Enix, several other companies are planning microtransaction structures for upcoming WiiWare releases. Similar to Nintendo's online Virtual Console storefront, which provides downloads of retro releases, WiiWare will allow Wii owners to purchase and download new, original games via the Wii Shop Channel.

The serivce went live in Japan on March 25, and hits North America on May 12. My Life as a King, along with several other titles, will be available at launch.