Penny Arcade Launches Digital Distribution Site

Independent developer Hothead Games and gaming webcomic Penny Arcade today announced Greenhouse, a website that will focus on selling downloadable independent games for PC, Mac and Linux.

Hothead and Penny Arcade's RPG Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode One will be the first title to release on the platform. No date has been announced for the title's debut, though it will sell for $19.95 and is expected this spring.

According to the company, Greenhouse was "built to supplement other online game delivery platforms," such as Valve's Steam, which provides Penny Arcade comics to its users.

"There are so many great games out there that you don't hear about," explained Penny Arcade business director Robert Khoo. "They're too niche or too risky in terms of game play for the top publishers to be comfortable with distributing. We want the Greenhouse to be an alternative for these developers."

A beta of Greenhouse and its downloading application are currently available at www.playgreenhouse.com.