Final Fantasy IV DS Remake Likely Coming to NA; Director Talks Possible Chrono Trigger Remake

BOOM widget 117105According to DS Fanboy, the May issue of Nintendo Power features a ten-page Final Fantasy IV (NDS) preview boasting English-language screenshots, suggesting a North American localization.

Though the game has yet to be officially confirmed by developer Square Enix for an overseas release, the inclusion of English screenshots indicate that localization efforts are underway for the full-fledged 3D remake of the Super Nintendo RPG.

Final Fantasy IV DS was released in Japan on December 20 of last year. Citing reports of low North American sales figures for the Final Fantasy III DS remake, series fans had expressed concern over its international fate.

The issue also includes an interview with director Takashi Tokita, who speaks on the possibility of a remake of one of his other works—the classic SNES RPG Chrono Trigger. "Chrono Trigger was a no-holds-barred, swashbuckling adventure that was a lot of fun to work on," said Tokita. "If the demand is great enough, it's certainly possible.

"But as a creator, I feel the need to create new titles and not just series installments and remakes," he added. "I realize it's a little strange for me to be saying that in an interview about Final Fantasy IV (laughs). But I need to remind myself of that, too."