New Team Fortress 2 Content Scheduled for Mid-April; Includes Goldrush, New Weapons, Meet The Scout

By Nick Breckon and Chris Faylor, Mar 26, 2008 2:04pm PDT The next batch of free content for the PC edition of Team Fortress 2--including the new Goldrush map, unlockable weapons, and Meet the Scout video--is slated to arrive the week of April 20, developer Valve has informed Shacknews.

Outside of that general timeframe, a specific release date for the new content was not provided.

Goldrush will mark the first map in a new game mode called "Payload," which will task the Blue team with herding a mine cart full of explosives toward the Red base. The more players near the cart, the faster it will move, the Red team winning if it prevents Blue from reaching its goal. The map will also be the first to utilize the cinematic physics technology from Half-Life 2: Episode Two.

Though unlockable weapons will eventually spread to all classes, the Medic class will be the first to receive new armament. According to a recent IGN interview, a total of three new items will be available, unlocked by earning a set number of the new class-specific achievements.

While Valve had discussed an Overhealer gun that would double a target's health, the studio is currently testing a Medic gun that, once charged, will guarantee targets ten seconds of continuous critical hits.

Valve previously explained that the unlockable items would be equipped via a new loadout menu, suggesting that gamers will not be able to easily swap between the new tools in the midst of battle.

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  • I want to upgrade the bone saw to a katana. Then, MOUSE2 can "charge" at the opponent with 2x scout speed, impaling the opponents on the sword.

    Also, Pyro's flamethrower could use a range boost :) If you've ever seen flamethrowers in action, they actually have long range -- because the ignition liquid can be thrown in a long arc. It might be pretty challenging to aim that.

    It would be awesome if the HWGuy had a mode where he shoots pipebombs from his minigun; at the same rate the gun fires normal bullets :) I mean, just for a few seconds, and you have to charge up some meter for that. Or, the HWGuy can run at normal speeds while firing.

    For scout, it's all about upgrading the number of mid-air jumps the scout might be able to do.

    For the spy, the upgrades should let him keep his disguise if no other player of the victim's team actually sees the act of stabbing.

    Although a cooler spy upgrade would replace the knife with a "syringe," which would paralyze the stabbed enemy player and prevent them from using their weapons for 20 seconds or so. The syringe should also work on Ubered players...

    For the demo, maybe he could upgrade his pipebombs to a "rubber" variety, with them bouncing around wildly. Of course, a demo could gain his multi grenade from TFC back.

    The sniper's gun could become semi-automatic, with about 1/2 power of the full shot, but with higher rate of fire.

    And, finally, the engineer could deploy a mini-tank version of its SG (upgrade to level 4) which can move around on tracks by remote control.

    Man, I am titillated by the concept of the loadout screen and weapon variety. It might just be enough to make up for the lack of class-specific grenades.

  • For people that bitch about no or to little new maps coming out:
    Making a map for a game like TF is ALOT harder then the likes of a DM map or a CTF map. at the moment im working on a CP (dustbowl type) map, and there are SO any things you have to take into accout and test.
    1) Map Flow
    2) Distance Defence and Offence have to run to balance the map one cant be able to run to far with out meeting someone else, other classes move slower.
    3) SG placements, need area were it can cover exits but not be in clear line of sight to be taken down
    4) Scout movement and jumping is almost 2 times more then other classes, have to make sure they cant get to some places but they can get to other places that ONLY a scout can
    5) Demo men and Soilders can again get to places they should not be
    6) Multi roots incase attackers get bogged down, but dont make the new root an easy win
    7) Key control area were Attackers can set up a mini forward out post so they can build there TP and SG

    so with out using any of the points listed im sure they could pump out maps every day.