Warhawk Broken Mirror Expansion Pictured, Detailed

Sony has released an assortment of screenshots from SCEA Santa Monica's upcoming Warhawk (PS3) expansion.

Titled Operation: Broken Mirror, the pack adds a new vehicle, the Armored Personnel Carrier, capable of both transporting troops and spawning reinforcements. The included Vaporfield Glacier map, spread out over seven arenas, will provide a frosty environment to take advantage of the APC's infiltration abilities. nope The company also noted that a few extras--namely the knife-replacing wrench and Bio Field Generator--will be added to the game prior to the release of the expansion in the form of a free 1.3 patch. The wrench will act as a melee weapon and vehicle repairing utility, while the Bio Field Generator is deployed as a sticky proximity mine, regenerating your teammates while simultaneously damaging enemies.

Broken Mirror is set to hit the PlayStation Store this April. Much like the previous expansion, it is expected to sell for $7.99.