Gearbox Signs In-game Ad Deal for Upcoming Titles

Gearbox Software today announced a partnership with advertising company Double Fusion to bring in-game advertising to future Gearbox titles.

Under the terms of the deal, Double Fusion is to provide Gearbox with dynamic advertising technology to support the delivery of in-game ads and integrated sponsorships in upcoming Gearbox games. The companies stated that they will "work together to ensure that all advertising programs are appropriate and add value to the gamers' experience."

As of this time, Gearbox has not disclosed which of its upcoming titles—such as Aliens: Colonial Marines (PC, PS3, X360) and Borderlands (PC, PS3, X360)—will incorporate the ads.

Several companies are expanding within the lucrative sphere of in-game advertising. EA and Microsoft recently extended a deal in which Microsoft's in-game ad arm Massive, Inc. would provide streaming advertisements for upcoming EA Sports titles on the Xbox 360.