Fallout 3 Nearing Completion, Has Over 200 Endings

By Aaron Linde, Mar 25, 2008 11:52am PDT Bethesda executive producer Todd Howard unveiled numerous details of the development of the company's upcoming title Fallout 3 (PC, PS3, X360) on the Official Xbox Magazine podcast.

Howard claims that the game itself is finished and has moved into the polish phase, but the team is adding several new elements to the game as they move forward.

"Being that we are Bethesda, everything gets a bit big, so as of last week we're over 200 endings. That's not an exaggeration," Howard said.

Small changes and additions to the ending, Howard explained, are multiplied by other factors influenced by the player's choices and decisions in the game, leading to over 200 possible ending combinations. Howard also clarified the game's scope and scale, noting that Fallout 3 ended up being much bigger than they originally anticipated.

"Fallout is probably twice the size that we originally had on paper," he noted. "We've definitely gone overboard... It won't end up being as big as Oblivion, but it's approaching that. The game is easily a hundred hours."

The producer also assured fans that the game would meet its promised fall release window, saying that he would be "shocked" if the title didn't hit shelves by that time.

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  • This game's going to be an absolute classic that I'm sure I'll still be playing years from now.

    I can hear it now: "But oblivion sucked, therefor fallout III will suck".

    Sure Oblivion may have had some quirks, like the way so much of it looked the same, however if you could see past them it was and still is an amazingly deep and open game that you can get lost in for an eternity building up your character and exploring... and then making a completely different character and taking a completely different journey. In my opinion that puts it above almost all games and makes it a must own. Most people don't seem to truly value that open aspect, unless it's done similar to GTA with a hollywood like story and characters to keep your attention. Alot of people seem to get over-whelmed or bored when they're given too many choices with no clear right one, they never give the games a proper chance and dismiss them.

    Look, Resident Evil 4 is one of if not my favorite linear game of all time but once I beat it a few times and completed the extras it just sat there on my shelf ever since. There's no reason to return once you've played through it a few times, short of maybe nostalgically blasting a few zombies and turning it back off. Whereas with these open games there's always a different way to play or different area to get more heavily into. Another great part is you can play as long as you wish, if you want to just play 5 minutes a day or play for 40 hours straight without reaching an end to the game they let you. That's part of the reason Bethesda's massive worlds are great, there's no way to see it all first or even second play through, it encourages repeated plays, there's also no way to use all the skills and strategies in just one character.

    My favorite series are Fallout, Baldur's Gate, Elder Scrolls, and of course GTA. I still play all of them regularly. I love being able to wonder around and do as I please at my own pace, the way that every play-through is different. Yeah, there's still the same main-quest but the way you go about it can be completely different every time, whereas when you go play Resident Evil 4 you're going to be Leon Kennedy and you're going down that same exact path as before.

    I'm thinking not enough people are raised on MUDs and Ultima's anymore, too many raised on Playstations, first person shooters and hollywood-like action games. No one has any patience anymore.

    Sorry for rambling.