Darwinia Slated for Xbox Live Arcade

A new listing on the Entertainment Software Rating Board's website reveals that a downloadable version of Introversion Software's lo-fi action-strategy hybrid Darwinia (PC) is coming to the Xbox 360's Xbox Live Arcade. nope

The listing uncovered on the ESRB's website notes an Xbox Live Arcade version of Darwinia alongside its Windows PC counterpart. An XBLA port of the title has been rumored as far back as 2006, but both Microsoft and the developers have remained quiet about Darwinia's appearance on the platform.

Mixing elements of strategy, action, God games and other genres, Darwinia tasks players with guiding artificially intelligent beings to safety inside a highly stylized and Tron-like computerized environment. The game was developed by indie developer Introversion, whose other PC works include DEFCON and the hacker sim Uplink.

No official announcement of Darwinia on Xbox Live Arcade has yet been made. Shacknews has reached the developer for confirmation, but has not heard back as of this writing.