Acer Not Pursuing Console Development

By Chris Faylor, Mar 21, 2008 8:13am PDT Clarifying comments made earlier this week, PC manufacturer Acer has stated that it will not be releasing a dedicated gaming console.

"Acer is not going to release any game console but the idea is to develop a high-end PC (so not a console) targeted at the serious gamer," a company representative explained to videogaming247.

"That was a major misunderstanding as [Acer senior VP James T Wong] was wrongly interpreted," the rep noted.

At the time, Wong's comments were taken as a sign that Acer was considering an open, non-proprietary game system. Unlike current consoles, such a device would theoretically allow users to create and execution their own programs without prior approval or authorization from the manufacturer.

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  • I'm glad that they aren't pursuing consoles. I don't think we need another one. In fact, I wish there were only one or two, so developers could concentrate on making better games.

    It would be nice if PC gaming had a standard hardware requirement, instead of the wildly varying requirements that games currently require. I think that developers need to find out how to sap whatever they can out of current engines before moving on to the next one anyway. Look at games like Half Life...they took a Quake 2 engine (Which at the time had been on it's way out as Id headed towards Q3) and made it work WELL for their game, which was a hit. I wish more developers could do things like that instead of always pushing gamers to upgrade every 6-18 months to stay up to date.

    Of course, with that, we would need developers that would allow their engine to be used in such a fashion without problems or technical issues (I'm looking at you Epic). The engine should work as adrertised for any developer who wishes to license it. Where is a (good) sequel to Deus Ex? Outlaws? DNF? What about adventure games like Full Throttle, or The Dig?

    PC manufacturers will always bend advertising rules (such as saying a PC has 256MB of video memory, but failing to mention its shitty SHARED memory), and that needs to stop. There needs to be some sort of quality control in place to force companies to stop crapping on their customers. Best Buy had a Vista sale when it first came out...tons of machines running Vista with 256MB of ram. WTF? That shouldn't even be an XP minimum! I'd make some sort of standard where ANY machine advertised as "game capable" had to have a PCI-E graphics card, and a minimum of 1gb/3GB RAM for XP/Vista. There is no excuse for shorting the customer hoping they will buy more in the end...they just get sour and give up the platform altogether.

    Gaming should be about just that...the games. We shouldnt need to worry so much about hardware, and focus on the game itself. That is why consoles do so well these days.