Audiosurf Album Compiled by Indie Label

Indie record label Asthmatic Kitty has compiled a free fifteen track album of songs selected for use in Dylan Fitterer's puzzle-racer Audiosurf (PC), Pitchfork Media reports.

The compilation, entitled Music for Videogames v.1, includes a variety of previously unreleased as well as existing tracks from several artists including Sufjan Stevens, Dosh, and Fantastic Mr. Fox. The label said that the selected tracks complement Audiosurf's gameplay, which dynamically creates race tracks based on a user's imported music.

"The songs in Music for Videogames v.1 accordingly emphasize distinction, intensity, and dynamic," the label wrote on its website. "Each song represents a different challenge in the videogame, changing the feel from a puzzle game to frantic hyper-racer with each track."

Music for Videogames v.1 is available now as a free download from Asthmatic Kitty's website.

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