I Am So Super Excited for iPhone Peggle!

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BOOM widget 116826Hi!

Following the excitement of my Shacknews debut, I wanted to drop by again and tell you all just how very super excited I am that Peggle is coming to the iPhone!

You can't deny Peggle! It's the epitome of happiness and love, all rolled up into one super happy bouncing ball! I love bouncy balls! They're so much fun!

Sure, there are other games coming to the iPhone--like Spore, Super Monkey Ball, and something from id--but none are as great as Peggle! I really, really love Peggle! And no, I'm not just saying that because it features a fellow uny! No way! I'm not that shallow!

I love Peggle because it makes you feel like total awesome! There's no greater feeling than watching that bouncy ball knock out all the orange pegs all because of your great aiming! It's just so happy! And colorful! Rainbows!

And then Ode to Joy plays! It's the perfect game!

I loved it on the PC! I loved it on my iPod! And I'm super, super psyched for the iPhone edition! Not to mention the Xbox Live Arcade version! I'm kinda sad it's not on the Nintendo DS yet, but I'm sure it'll happen in time!

I hear that PopCap is also working a new Peggle too! It's going to be called Peggle Nights! No one knows anything else about it, but I'm kinda hoping it'll star David Hasselhoff and KITT! That'd be totally super! Hooray!