Game Developer Magazine Ranks Top 50 Devs

By Aaron Linde, Mar 07, 2008 3:44pm PST Gamasutra sister publication Game Developer magazine today revealed a study ranking the top 50 game development studios worldwide using sales and reputation data.

Studios were assessed using 2007 sales figures, Metacritic review scores, and an anonymous survey distributed to Gamasutra community members which scored game developers on overall reputation.

The ranking situates Nintendo EAD at the top of the list, followed by Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PC, PS3, X360) developer Infinity Ward and World of Warcraft maker Blizzard Entertainment at two and three, respectively. Shacknews community darling Valve ranked at number five, and BioShock creator 2K Boston appears as 13th.

"Nintendo's incredibly accessible and well-designed games continue to support its hardware success, which is why they reached the Top Developer spot," said Game Developer Magazine publisher Simon Carless. "The mix of Western and Japanese developers in the Top 20 shows a flourishing world ecosystem for game development."

For a full rundown of the top 50, check out the complete list.

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  • Holy shit. Tiberon?
    EVERYONE i've talked to in the industry has nothing but AWFUL things to say about that place. It's a junior artist churn factory. Since Tiberon is one of two companies in Orlando, and since florida has three or four schools who specialize in game/cg art, they burn through artists and dump them when they start complaining because there is a whole line of fresh meat artists in the area just aching for a job in the industry to take their place.

    Unless things have changed in the past few years or so.