Spore, Super Monkey Ball iPhone Games Revealed

Ports of Sega's Super Monkey Ball and Maxis' hugely anticipated life-sim Spore are in development for Apple's iPhone, Gizmodo reports.

The news dropped during a conference at Apple's headquarters in which the company detailed the release of the iPhone software developer's kit. Speaking on the possibility of game development on the platform, Apple revealed that versions of Spore and Super Monkey Ball are already in the works.

The titles both showcase the use of the iPhone's 3D capabilities, and utilize the phone's multitouch screen and built-in accelerometers. Apple also pointed out that the iPhone port of Spore is not a scaled-down affair; all 18 levels, from the microbic to cosmic, are represented in Spore's iPhone incarnation.

No price point or release date was mentioned, but Apple stated that all upcoming applications and games in development for the iPhone will be available exclusively on the newly-launched App Store, accessible via iTunes, the iPhone and the iPod Touch.