Evening Reading

By Steve Gibson, Mar 05, 2008 6:00pm PST

So I'm still pretty sad about the whole Iron Lore Entertainment shutting down.

Titan Quest was easily in one of the top 5 games I've played int the last few years. LOVED

it. Bought it twice. They took what Diablo did and refined it wonderfully. I was so

hopeful for a Titan Quest 2. DAMN IT DAMN IT DAMN IT.

As for the the videogame news around these parts for today:

Lastly, still the funniest thing

ever on the internet.

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  • Army of Two impressions:

    First off the game is gorgeous, I really like the look of the characters and the environment. That said the level design is a little "gamey" at times. Perfectly situated crates just annoy the SHIT out of me. Games like gears of war and call of duty 4 have a much more natural feel to the level design. The AI is pretty challenging on contractor difficulty, I played co-op with a friend and we got into quite a few pickles due to the AI continually flanking us when we rushed them. The aggro system is pretty cool once you get the hang of it and the weapon upgrades are fun. All in all it's a fun game to play co-op and i'm glad I picked it up because i'm sure it will have a long shelf life with me in split screen with random friends.