Gamers Complain of Freezing Issues in Bully: SE (Update: Rockstar Responds, Apologizes)

Update 2: An official statement from Rockstar on the Bully: Scholarship Edition issues is forthcoming, a Rockstar representative has told Shacknews.

Update 1: Rockstar co-founder Sam Houser has responded, claiming that the company never encountered any problems while testing Bully: Scholarship Edition on the Xbox 360 and is working to solve the issues as soon as possible. nope

"It appears that some older 360s are experiencing framerate issues, freezes and other problems," he told Kotaku. "I am horrified, and we are now working around the clock to rectify this situation."

"We apologise to everyone affected for the inconvenience," Houser continued. "We would never shove anything out the door--we never have and never will."

Original Story: Reports are surfacing across the internet of freezing glitches and other technical issues in the just-released Xbox 360 edition of Rockstar Vancouver's Bully: Scholarship Edition.

Numerous users on the gaming forum NeoGAF have complained of audio sync issues, achievement glitches and lockups in the revamped port Xbox 360. Complaints have also surfaced on the official Xbox forums as well as within the Shacknews community. The Wii edition does not appear to be afflicted by the above problems.

Though failure rates of the Xbox 360 hardware may account for some woes, widespread reports of the same issues particular to Bully: Scholarship Edition have led many gamers to attribute the errors to the game itself.

Shacknews has reached Rockstar for comment, but the publisher has not yet responded at the time of this writing.